Returned within the following response objects:
accountHolderName String

Account holder name


The type of the bank account. Possible values:

  • "business_checking"
  • "business_savings"
  • "checking"
  • "savings"
achMandate String

The authorization text passed by the customer allowing their account to be debited.

bankName String

The name of the issuing bank.

businessName String

Business name

createdAt Date

The date/time the object was created.

customerId String

A string value representing an existing customer in your Vault that owns this payment method. Use this to look up a single customer.

description String

Merchant's description of the payment method.

firstName String

The account holder's first name.

last4 String

The last 4 digits of the bank account number.

lastName String

The account holder's last name.

ownerId String

The merchant's id.

ownershipType String

The ownership type of the bank account. Possible values include:

  • "business"
  • "personal"
plaidVerifiedAt Date

The date and time the bank account was verified with Plaid (tokenized check).

routingNumber String

The bank routing number associated with the bank account.

token String

An alphanumeric value that references a specific payment method stored in your Vault.

updatedAt Date

The date/time the object was last updated.

verifiable bool

Tells if the underlying instrument can be verified.

verified bool

Indicates whether the bank account has been verified.