Returned directly or within a successful result object from the following requests:

add_ons Array of AddOn objects

The collection of add-ons associated with a subscription.

billing_day_of_month int

The value that specifies the day of the month that the gateway will charge the subscription on every billing cycle.


Specifies the billing interval of the plan in months.

created_at datetime

The date/time the plan was created.

currency_iso_code str

The currency for the transaction (e.g. "USD" for US dollars). See the ISO 4217 codes.

description str

A description of the plan.

discounts Array of Discount objects

A collection of discounts associated with this subscription.

id str

The plan identifier.

name str

The name of the plan.


Specifies the number of billing cycles of the plan.

price Decimal

The base price specified for a plan, formatted like "10" or "10.00".


The trial timeframe specified in a plan.

trial_duration_unit str

The trial unit specified in a plan. Specify day or month. Specifying a trial duration unit via the API will override the subscription's plan details.


A value indicating whether a subscription should begin with a trial period. Specifying a trial period via the API will override the subscription's plan details.

updated_at datetime

The date/time the plan was last updated.