Returned directly or within a successful result object from the following requests:

default bool

Indicates whether this is the default payment method of the customer.


The fields returned in this object depend on the type of payment method used to create the nonce.

  • For AndroidPayCard, ApplePayCard, and CreditCard:
    • $cardType
    • $lastTwo
  • For PayPalAccount:
    • $correlationId
    • $email
    • $payerInfo
  • For VenmoAccount:
    • $cardType
    • $username
nonce string

One-time-use token that references a payment method.


The 3D Secure information for this transaction.

enrolled string

Indicates whether a card is enrolled in a 3D Secure program or not. Possible values:

  • Y = Yes
  • N = No
  • U = Unavailable
  • B = Bypass
  • E = RequestFailure
liabilityShiftPossible bool

Indicates whether a liability shift is possible.

liabilityShifted bool

Indicates whether the liability shifted or not.

status string

The 3D Secure status value. For a list of all possible statuses and their liability shifts, see the 3D Secure guide.

type string

The type of payment method used to create the nonce

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