Returned directly or within a successful result object from the following requests:


The BIN data for the card number associated with this nonce.

commercial enum

Whether the card type is a commercial card and is capable of processing Level 2 transactions. Possible values:

  • Braintree\CreditCard::COMMERCIAL_YES
  • Braintree\CreditCard::COMMERCIAL_NO
  • Braintree\CreditCard::COMMERCIAL_UNKNOWN
countryOfIssuance string

The country that issued the credit card. Possible country values follow ISO 3166-1.

The value Unknown will be returned if we cannot immediately determine the card's country of issuance from the bank identification number (BIN).

debit enum

Whether the card is a debit card. Possible values:

  • Braintree\CreditCard::DEBIT_YES
  • Braintree\CreditCard::DEBIT_NO
  • Braintree\CreditCard::DEBIT_UNKNOWN
durbinRegulated enum

A value indicating whether the issuing bank's card range is regulated by the Durbin Amendment due to the bank's assets. Possible values:

  • Braintree\CreditCard::DURBIN_REGULATED_YES
  • Braintree\CreditCard::DURBIN_REGULATED_NO
  • Braintree\CreditCard::DURBIN_REGULATED_UNKNOWN
healthcare enum

Whether the card is a healthcare card. Possible values:

  • Braintree\CreditCard::HEALTHCARE_YES
  • Braintree\CreditCard::HEALTHCARE_NO
  • Braintree\CreditCard::HEALTHCARE_UNKNOWN
issuingBank string

The bank that issued the credit card.

payroll enum

Whether the card is a payroll card. Possible values:

  • Braintree\CreditCard::PAYROLL_YES
  • Braintree\CreditCard::PAYROLL_NO
  • Braintree\CreditCard::PAYROLL_UNKNOWN
prepaid enum

Whether the card is a prepaid card. Possible values:

  • Braintree\CreditCard::PREPAID_YES
  • Braintree\CreditCard::PREPAID_NO
  • Braintree\CreditCard::PREPAID_UNKNOWN
productId string

The code for the product type of the card (e.g. D (Visa Signature Preferred), G (Visa Business)). See Product ID codes below for possible values.

default bool

Indicates whether this is the default payment method of the customer.


Additional information about the payment method used to create the nonce.

bin string

The first 6 digits of the credit card, known as the bank identification number (BIN).

cardType string

The type of the credit card. Possible values:

  • American Express
  • Carte Blanche
  • China UnionPay
  • Discover
  • Elo
  • JCB
  • Laser
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • Solo
  • Switch
  • Visa
  • Unknown
isNetworkTokenized bool

Indicates whether this card has been network tokenized. A network tokenized card is a generated virtual card with a device-specific account number (DPAN) that is used in place of the underlying source card.

lastTwo string

The last 2 digits of the credit card number.


A collection of field/value pairs representing the payer information associated with the PayPal account used to create the nonce. Possible fields:

  • "billing_agreement_id"
  • "country_code"
  • "email"
  • "first_name"
  • "last_name"
  • "payer_id"
    _ This object is currently only sent on PayPal transactions._
nonce string

One-time-use token that references a payment method.


The 3D Secure information for this transaction.

acsTransactionId string

A unique identifier for the 3D Secure interaction with the access control server.


The 3D Secure Authenticate information for this transaction.

transStatus string

Indicates the current status of the 3D Secure authentication from the 3D Secure server for 3D Secure 2 authentications. Possible values:

  • Y= Successful Authentication
  • N= Failed Authentication
  • B= Bypassed Authentication
  • U= Unable to Complete Authentication
  • A= Successful Attempts Transaction
transStatusReason string

Indicates the reason for the trans_status. Will be null if status is SUCCESSFUL_AUTHENTICATION.

cavv string

Cardholder Authentication Verification Value or "CAVV". The main encrypted message issuers and card networks use to verify authentication has occured. Mastercard refers to this field as AAV, while American Express refers to this field as AEVV.

dsTransactionId string

Transaction identifier resulting from 3D Secure 2 authentication.

eciFlag string

The value of the electronic commerce indicator (ECI) flag, which indicates the outcome of the 3DS authentication.

Possible values for Mastercard:

  • 00 = Failed or not attempted
  • 01 = Attempted
  • 02 = Success

Possible values for all other card brands:

  • 07 = Failed or not attempted
  • 06 = Attempted
  • 05 = Success
enrolled string

Indicates whether a card is enrolled in a 3D Secure program or not. Possible values:

  • Y = Yes
  • N = No
  • U = Unavailable
  • B = Bypass
  • E = RequestFailure
liabilityShiftPossible bool

Indicates whether a liability shift is possible.

liabilityShifted bool

Indicates whether the liability shifted or not.


The 3D Secure Lookup information for this transaction.

transStatus string

Indicates the current status of the 3D Secure authentication from the 3D Secure server for 3D Secure 2 authentications. Possible values:

  • Y= Successful Authentication
  • N= Failed Authentication
  • B= Bypassed Authentication
  • U= Unable to Complete Authentication
  • A= Successful Attempts Transaction
transStatusReason string

Indicates the reason for the trans_status. Will be null if status is SUCCESSFUL_AUTHENTICATION.

paresStatus string

Payment Authentication Response Status. Indicates the current status of the 3D Secure authentication from the 3D Secure server for 3D Secure 1 authentications. Possible values:

  • Y= Successful Authentication
  • N= Failed Authentication
  • B= Bypassed Authentication
  • U= Unable to Complete Authentication
  • A= Successful Attempts Transaction
status string

The 3D Secure status value. For a list of all possible statuses and their liability shifts, see the 3D Secure guide.

threeDSecureAuthenticationId string

The ID of the 3D Secure authentication performed for this transaction. Do not provide this field if the nonce you are using for this transaction is 3D Secure enriched.

threeDSecureServerTransactionId string

A unique identifer for the 3D Secure interaction with the 3D Secure server.

threeDSecureVersion string

The version of 3D Secure authentication used for the transaction. Composed of digits separated by periods (e.g. 1.0.2, 2.1.0).

xid string

Transaction identifier resulting from 3D Secure authentication. This field will no longer be used in 3D Secure 2 authentications.

type string

The type of payment method used to create the nonce. Possible values:

  • AndroidPayCard
  • ApplePayCard
  • CreditCard
  • MasterpassCard
  • PayPalAccount
  • UsBankAccount
  • VenmoAccount
  • VisaCheckoutCard
  • SamsungPayCard

Product ID codes

The Braintree gateway returns the following product IDs for credit and debit card payment methods. The product ID is generally 1-3 characters and indicates the specific credit product that was issued to the customer.

Product ID code Product name
001 Discover Consumer Credit – Rewards
002 Discover Commercial Credit
003 Discover Consumer Debit
004 Discover Commercial Debit
005 Discover Prepaid Gift
006 Discover Prepaid ID known
007 Discover Consumer Credit – Premium
008 Discover Consumer Credit - Core
009 Discover Private Label Credit
010 Discover Commercial Credit – Executive Business
011 Discover Consumer Credit – Premium Plus
012 Discover Commercial Prepaid – Non-Reloadable
013 Discover PayPal
014 Discover PayPal Mobile
A Visa Traditional
B Visa Traditional Rewards
BPD MasterCard Business Premium Debit
C Visa Signature
CIR MasterCard Cirrus
D Visa Signature Preferred
DAG Global Debit MasterCard Salary
DAP Platinum Debit MasterCard Salary
DAS Standard Debit MasterCard Salary
DLG Debit MasterCard Gold Delayed Debit
DLH Debit MasterCard World Embossed Delayed Debit
DLP Debit MasterCard Platinum Delayed Debit
DLS Debit MasterCard Card Delayed Debit
DOS Standard Debit MasterCard Social
DWF Debit MasterCard Humanitarian Prepaid
E Visa Proprietary ATM
F Visa Classic
G Visa Business
G1 Visa Signature Business
G3 Visa Business Enhanced (US only)
G4 Visa Infinite Business
G5 Visa Business Rewards
I Visa Infinite
I Visa Infinite Privilege
I2 Visa UHNW
IB American Express Non-US
IR American Express Non-US Reloadable
IS American Express Non-US Stored Value
J3 Visa Healthcare
K Visa Corporate T&E
K1 Visa GSA Corporate T&E
L Visa Electron
MAB World Elite MasterCard for Business Card
MAC MasterCard World Elite Corporate Card
MAP MasterCard Commercial Payments Account
MAQ MasterCard Prepaid Commercial Payments Account
MBB MasterCard Prepaid Consumer
MBC MasterCard Prepaid Voucher
MBD MasterCard Professional Debit BusinessCard Card
MBE MasterCard Electronic Business Card
MBF Prepaid MC Food
MBK MasterCard Black Card
MBM Prepaid MC Meal
MBP MasterCard Corporate Prepaid
MBS MasterCard B2B Product
MBT MasterCard Corporate Prepaid Travel
MBW World MasterCard Black Edition Debit
MCB MasterCard BusinessCard Card
MCC MasterCard Credit Card (mixed BIN)
MCD Debit MasterCard Card
MCE MasterCard Electronic Card
MCF MasterCard Fleet Card
MCG Gold MasterCard Card
MCH MasterCard Premium Charge
MCO MasterCard Corporate (Meeting) Card
MCP MasterCard Purchasing Card
MCS (Unembossed) Standard MasterCard Card
MCT Titanium MasterCard Card
MCV Merchant-Branded Program
MCW World MasterCard Card
MDB Debit MasterCard BusinessCard Card
MDG Gold Debit MasterCard Card
MDH World Debit Embossed MasterCard Card
MDJ Debit MasterCard (Enhanced)
MDL MasterCard Business Debit Other Embossed
MDO MasterCard Debit Other
MDP Premium Debit MasterCard Card
MDR MasterCard Debit Brokerage
MDS Debit MasterCard Card
MDT Commercial Debit MasterCard Card
MDW World Elite Debit MasterCard
MEB MasterCard Executive BusinessCard Card
MEC MasterCard Electronic Commercial
MEF MasterCard Electronic Payment Account
MEO MasterCard Corporate Executive Card
MET Titanium Debit MasterCard Card
MFB MasterCard Flex World Elite
MFD MasterCard Flex Platinum
MFE MasterCard Flex Charge World Elite
MFH MasterCard Flex World
MFL MasterCard Flex Charge Platinum
MFW MasterCard Flex World Charge
MGF MasterCard Government Commercial Card
MHA MasterCard Healthcare Prepaid Non-Tax
MHB MasterCard HSA Substantiated (Debit MasterCard)
MHD MasterCard HELOC Debit Standard
MHH MasterCard HSA Non-Substantiated (Debit MasterCard)
MHK MasterCard Magna Health Access Card
MHD MasterCard HELOC Debit Gold
MHD MasterCard HELOC Debit Platninum
MHD MasterCard HELOC Debit Premium
MIA Prepaid MasterCard Unembossed Student Card
MIK Prepaid MasterCard Electronic Student (Non-US) Card
MIL Unembossed MasterCard Student Card (Non-US)
MIP Prepaid Debit MasterCard Student Card
MIU Debit MasterCard Unembossed (Non-US)
MLA MasterCard Central Travel Solutions Air Card
MLB MasterCard Brazil Benefit for Home Improvement
MLD MasterCard Distribution Card
MLE MasterCard Brazil General Benefits
MLF MasterCard Agro Card
MLL MasterCard Central Travel Solutions Land Card
MNF MasterCard Public Sector Commercial Card
MNW MasterCard World Card
MOC Standard Maestro Social
MOG Maestro Gold Card
MOP Maestro Platinum
MOW World Maestro
MPA MasterCard Prepaid Debit Standard Payroll
MPB MasterCard Preferred Business Card
MPD MasterCard Flex Prepaid
MPF MasterCard Prepaid Debit Standard Gift
MPG Debit MasterCard Standard Prepaid General Spend
MPH MasterCard Cash
MPJ Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card Gold
MPK MasterCard Prepaid Government Commercial Card
MPL Platinum MasterCard Card
MPM MasterCard Prepaid Debit Standard Consumer Incentive
MPN MasterCard Prepaid Debit Standard Insurance
MPO MasterCard Prepaid Debit Standard Offer
MPP MasterCard Prepaid Card – Commercial Reward Funding
MPQ MasterCard Prepaid Debit Standard Government Disaster
MPR MasterCard Prepaid Debit Standard Travel
MPT MasterCard Prepaid Debit Standard Teen
MPV MasterCard Prepaid Debit Standard Government
MPW Debit MasterCard Business Card Prepaid Workplace Business
MPX MasterCard Prepaid Debit Standard Flex Benefit
MPY MasterCard Prepaid Debit Standard Employee Incentive
MPZ MasterCard Prepaid Debit Standard Government Consumer
MRB MasterCard Prepaid Electronic Business Card (Non-US)
MRC Prepaid MasterCard Electronic Card (Non-US)
MRF MasterCard European Regulated Individual Pay
MRG MasterCard Prepaid Card (Non-US)
MRH MasterCard Platinum Prepaid Travel (US)
MRJ Prepaid MasterCard Gold Card
MRK Prepaid MasterCard Public Sector Commercial Card
MRL Prepaid MasterCard Electronic Commercial Card (Non-US)
MRO MasterCard Rewards Only
MRP Standard Retailer Centric Payments
MRS Prepaid MasterCard ISIC Student Card
MRW Prepaid MasterCard Business Card (Non-US)
MSA Prepaid Maestro Payroll Card
MSB Maestro Small Business Card
MSF Prepaid Maestro Gift Card
MSG Prepaid Maestro Consumer Reloadable Card
MSI Maestro Student Card
MSJ Prepaid Maestro Gold
MSM Prepaid Maestro Consumer Promotion Card
MSN Prepaid Maestro Insurance Card
MSO Prepaid Maestro Other Card
MSQ Unknown MasterCard
MSR Prepaid Maestro Travel Card
MST Prepaid Maestro Teen Card
MSV Prepaid Maestro Government Benefit Card
MSW Prepaid Maestro Corporate (Reloadable) Card
MSX Prepaid Maestro Flex Benefit Card
MSY Prepaid Maestro Employee Incentive Card
MSZ Prepaid Maestro Emergency Assistance Card
MTP MasterCard Platinum Prepaid Travel (UK and Brazil)
MUS Prepaid Unembossed MasterCard Card
MUW MasterCard World Domestic Affluent
MWB World Elite MasterCard Business Card
MWD World Deferred MasterCard
MWE World Elite MasterCard Card
MWF MasterCard Humanitarian Prepaid
MWO World Elite MasterCard Corporate Card
MWR MasterCard World Retailer Centric Payments
N Visa Platform
N1 Visa Rewards
N2 Visa Select
OLB Maestro Small Business Delayed Debit
OLG Maestro Gold Delayed Debit
OLP Maestro Platinum Delayed Debit
OLS Maestro (Student Card) Delayed Debit
OLW World Maestro Delayed Debit
P Visa Gold
PMC MasterCard Proprietary Credit Card (Swedish domestic)
PMD MasterCard Proprietary Debit Card (Swedish domestic)
PSC MasterCard Common Proprietary Swedish Credit Card
PSD MasterCard Common Proprietary Swedish Debit Card
PVA MasterCard Private Label A
PVB MasterCard Private Label B
PVC MasterCard Private Label C
PVD MasterCard Private Label D
PVE MasterCard Private Label E
PVF MasterCard Private Label F
PVG MasterCard Private Label G
PVH MasterCard Private Label H
PVI MasterCard Private Label I
PVJ MasterCard Private Label J
PVL MasterCard Private Label L
Q Visa Private Label
Q2 Visa Private Label Basic
Q3 Visa Private Label Standard
Q4 Visa Private Label Enhanced
Q5 Visa Private Label Specialized
Q6 Visa Private Label Premium
R Visa Proprietary
RP American Express US Reloadable
S Visa Purchasing
S1 Visa Purchasing with Fleet
S2 Visa GSA Purchasing
S3 Visa GSA Purchasing with Fleet
S4 Visa Government Services Loan
S5 Visa Commercial Transport (EBT)
S6 Visa Business Loan
S7 Visa Distribution
SAG Gold MasterCard Salary Immediate Debit
SAL Standard Maestro Salary
SAP Platinum MasterCard Salary Immediate Debit
SAS Standard MasterCard Salary Immediate Debit
SOS Standard MasterCard Social Immediate Debit
SUR Prepaid Unembossed MasterCard Card (Non-US)
SV American Express US Stored Value
TBE MasterCard Electronic Business Immediate Debit
TCB MasterCard Corporate Immediate Debit
TCC MasterCard (mixed BIN) Immediate Debit
TCE MasterCard (Electronic) Student Card Immediate Debit
TCF MasterCard Fleet Card Immediate Debit
TCG Gold MasterCard Card Immediate Debit
TCO MasterCard (Corporate) Immediate Debit
TCP MasterCard Purchasing Card Immediate Debit
TCS MasterCard Standard (Unembossed) Card Immediate Debit
TCW MasterCard World Signia Immediate Debit
TEB MasterCard Executive BusinessCard Card Immediate Debit
TEC MasterCard Electronic Commercial Immediate Debit
TEO MasterCard Corporate Executive Card Immediate Debit
TNF MasterCard Public Sector Commercial Card Immediate Debit
TNW MasterCard New World Immediate Debit
TPB MasterCard Preferred Business Card Immediate Debit
TPL Platinum MasterCard Immediate Debit
TWB World MasterCard Black Edition Immediate Debit
U Visa Travel Money
V Visa V Pay
WBE World MasterCard Black Edition
X Visa B2B Virtual Payments