See also the PaymentMethodNonce response object.

You can get more information about a payment method nonce by passing the nonce string as an argument to the find method.

Unlike other calls, a find call does not consume the payment method nonce – instead, it returns the nonce string back to your server along with 3D Secure information such as liability_shifted and liability_shift_possible. This can be used for server-side risk checking before creating transactions.

payment_method_nonce = gateway.payment_method_nonce.find("nonce_string")
info = payment_method_nonce.three_d_secure_info
if info == None:
    return # This means that the nonce was not 3D Secured
This code snippet now uses gateway instance methods instead of class-level methods. Learn more.

If the payment method nonce can't be found, it will throw a NotFoundError exception.

payment_method_nonce required, str

The payment method nonce