See also the Braintree_PaymentMethodNonce response object.


You only need to find payment method nonces server-side when using 3D Secure. For more information please see the 3D Secure guide.

To find payment method nonces, only the nonce string is required. The payment method nonce will include 3D Secure information such as liabilityShifted and liabilityShiftPossible. This can be used for server-side risk checking before creating transactions.

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$paymentMethodNonce = Braintree_PaymentMethodNonce::find('nonce_string');
$info = $paymentMethodNonce->threeDSecureInfo;
if (empty($info)) {
  // This means that the nonce was not 3D Secured

If the payment method nonce cannot be found, you'll receive a Braintree_Exception_NotFound exception.

paymentMethodNonce required, string

The payment method nonce

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