Returns a collection of CreditCardVerification response objects.

For operators available on search fields, see the search fields page.

collection = == "the_verification_id"

for verification in collection.items:
    print verification.status
'billing_postal_code' text

The postal code on the billing address used for the credit card verification.

'created_at' range

The date/time at which the credit card verification was created.

'credit_card_card_type' multiple

The type of credit card verified. Possible values:

  • "American Express"
  • "Discover"
  • "Maestro"
  • "JCB"
  • "MasterCard"
  • "UnionPay"
  • "Visa"
'credit_card_cardholder_name' text

The cardholder name in the credit card verification.

'credit_card_expiration_date' text

The expiration date of the credit card verified.

'credit_card_number' text

The number of the credit card verified.

Card number search is restricted: starts with searches up to the first 6 digits, ends with searches last 4 digits, and contains is not allowed.

'customer_email' text

The customer's email address associated with the credit card verification.

'customer_id' text

A string value representing an existing customer in your Vault that is associated with the credit card verification.

'id' text

The ID of the verification.

'ids' multiple

The list of verification IDs to search for.

'payment_method_token' text

The payment method token for the credit card verification.


Customer Details

search_results =
    braintree.CreditCardVerificationSearch.customer_email == "",
    braintree.CreditCardVerificationSearch.customer_id == "cust1234"

See search fields for a list of available operators. They allow you to do nice things like this:

search_results =

Credit Card Details

search_results =
  braintree.CreditCardVerificationSearch.credit_card_cardholder_name == "Patrick Smith",
  braintree.CreditCardVerificationSearch.credit_card_expiration_date == "05/2012",
  braintree.CreditCardVerificationSearch.credit_card_card_type == braintree.CreditCard.CardType.Visa,
  braintree.CreditCardVerificationSearch.credit_card_expiration_date == "02/16",

Payment Methods

You can search for credit card verifications associated to a payment method token.

search_results =
    braintree.CreditCardVerificationSearch.payment_method_token == "the_token"

Billing Address

search_results =
    braintree.CreditCardVerificationSearch.billing_postal_code == "12345",

Created At

search_results =
    braintree.CreditCardVerificationSearch.created_at.between("12/15/07 17:00", "12/17/07 17:00")

Time zones specified in the time value will be respected in the search; if you do not specify a time zone, the search will default to the time zone associated with your gateway account. Results will always be returned with time values in UTC.

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