Notification kinds

The notification kind, returned by calling kind on the notification object, reveals what triggered the webhook. For a Subscription webhook, $webhookNotification->kind will be one of the following:

  • Braintree_WebhookNotification::SUBSCRIPTION_CANCELED
  • Braintree_WebhookNotification::SUBSCRIPTION_CHARGED_SUCCESSFULLY
  • Braintree_WebhookNotification::SUBSCRIPTION_EXPIRED
  • Braintree_WebhookNotification::SUBSCRIPTION_TRIAL_ENDED
  • Braintree_WebhookNotification::SUBSCRIPTION_WENT_ACTIVE
  • Braintree_WebhookNotification::SUBSCRIPTION_WENT_PAST_DUE

The following table describes the conditions that trigger each kind of webhook.

Notification Type Description

A subscription is canceled.


A subscription successfully moves to the next billing cycle. This will also occur when either a new transaction is created mid-cycle due to proration on an upgrade or a billing cycle is skipped due to the presence of a negative balance that covers the cost of the subscription.


A subscription already exists and fails to create a successful charge.
This will not trigger on manual retries or if the attempt to create a subscription fails due to an unsuccessful transaction.


A subscription reaches the specified number of billing cycles and expires.


A subscription's trial period ends.


A subscription's first authorized transaction is created. Subscriptions with trial periods will never trigger this notification.


A subscription has moved from the active status to the past due status. This occurs when a subscription’s initial transaction is declined.


kind enum

The kind of webhook notification.

timestamp date

The UTC time at which the webhook was triggered.


A Braintree_Subscription object.

Contains an array of the 20 most recent transactions associated with the subscription.

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