Notification kinds

The notification kind, returned by calling kind on the notification object, reveals what triggered the webhook. The webhook_notification.kind for Local Payment Method webhooks will be one of the following:

  • Braintree::WebhookNotification::Kind::LocalPaymentCompleted
  • Braintree::WebhookNotification::Kind::LocalPaymentReversed

The following table describes the conditions that trigger each kind of webhook.

Notification Type Description

Customer has approved the Local Payment Method and the purchase amount has been withdrawn from their account. A transaction can now be created by calling Transaction: Sale with the payment_method_nonce.


The payment associated with the Local Payment Method has been reversed and the purchased amount has been refunded to customer's account.


kind enum

The kind of webhook notification.

payment_id string

The payment_id of the Local Payment Method. Can be used to correlate this webhook to an open order in your system.

payment_method_nonce string

The payment_method_nonce to be used to complete the transaction by calling Transaction: Sale. Only present for local_payment_completed webhooks.