Integration features

If you've done a previous integration with Braintree, you may want to upgrade to our SDKs to support new features. Here is a table showing feature support across different integrations:

Server-to-Server Transparent Redirect Braintree.js Braintree SDKs
Accept credit cards and debit cards × × × ×
Accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo       ×
PCI compliant × × × ×
Native SDKs for iOS, Android, and web       ×
Supports AJAX     × ×

How to upgrade

Below are upgrade instructions for each legacy Braintree integration option.


Note, if you're using the Vault, you can safely upgrade. All your previously Vaulted customer information and payment information will still be accessible.


The Braintree client SDKs produce a payment method nonce used in place of credit card details to create a transaction on your server. To upgrade:

Transparent Redirect

Braintree's Drop-in integration replaces Transparent Redirect. To upgrade:


The client SDKs replace the old Braintree.js integration. To upgrade: