Result objects are wrapper objects that indicate whether or not the API call was a success and, if successful, include the requested data.


API calls that don't have validations, such as searches, will return a collection of requested objects instead of a result object.

Success results

If the API call was successful, the success on the result will return true. The target object will be available as a member of the result object.

# true

$transaction = $result->transaction

Error results

If the API call was not successful, the success on the result will return false. An error may be due to:

# false


The errors result object will only be populated if the error is due to a failed validation. In this case, the object will contain one or more validation errors indicating which parameters were invalid:

$result = $gateway->customer()->create([
  'email' => 'invalid',
  'creditCard' => [
    'number' => 'invalid'

foreach($result->errors->deepAll() AS $error) {
    print_r($error->attribute . ": " . $error->code . " " . $error->message . "\n");

foreach($result->errors->forKey('customer')->shallowAll() AS $error) {
    print_r($error->attribute . ": " . $error->code . " " . $error->message . "\n");

foreach($result->errors->forKey('customer')->forKey('creditCard')->shallowAll() AS $error) {
    print_r($error->attribute . ": " . $error->code . " " . $error->message . "\n");

For details on transaction error results, see the transaction response object.


The message on the error result gives a human-readable description of what went wrong, regardless of the cause and nature of the error.

# "Amount is required.\nCredit card number is invalid."

The message can contain multiple error messages.


Error results include the parameters that were submitted. This can be useful during Transparent Redirects to repopulate your form if validations fail.

# [
#   'transaction' => [
#     'amount' => 12.00,
#     'creditCard' => [
#       'cardholderName' => 'John Doe'
#     ]
#   ]
# ]

For PCI compliance reasons, credit card number and cvv parameters are not included.

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