4000-class codes indicate the success or failure of the request to capture the funds. Based on the processor response we receive, we will update the transaction status accordingly.


Code Text
4000 Settled

Pending requests

Code Text
4002 Settlement Pending


Code Text Explanation
4001 Settlement Declined The processor declined to settle the sale or refund request.
4003 Already Captured The transaction has already been fully captured.
4004 Already Refunded The transaction has already been fully refunded.
4005 PayPal Risk Rejected The sale request was rejected by PayPal risk.
4006 Capture Amount Exceeded Allowable Limit The specified capture amount exceeded the amount allowed by the processor.
4018 PayPal Pending Payments Not Supported PayPal returned a pending sale or refund response which is disallowed by Braintree. This failure is likely due to a misconfiguration in your PayPal account. Further details may be found in the transaction details.
4019 PayPal Refund Transaction with an Open Case Not Allowed PayPal declined to settle the refund request as there is an open dispute against the transaction. If you have enabled PayPal disputes within Braintree, you may resolve the dispute within the Braintree disputes dashboard. Otherwise, you may do so via your PayPal account's Resolution Center.
4020 PayPal Refund Attempt Limit Reached PayPal's maximum number of refund attempts for this transaction has been exceeded.
4021 PayPal Refund Transaction Not Allowed PayPal does not allow you to refund this type of transaction.
4022 PayPal Refund Invalid Partial Amount The partial refund amount is not valid.
4023 PayPal Refund Merchant Account Missing ACH Your PayPal account does not have an associated verified bank account.