Braintree offers a few options when accepting PayPal payments. First, you'll need to choose whether you would like to use our Drop-In UI or a custom integration. Learn more about differences between these integrations.

Vault vs. Checkout

Next, you can choose between our Vault and Checkout flows. Below is a comparison of the two options:

Vault Checkout
Compatibility iOS, Android, and web Web only
Shipping address selector Web only Supported
Funding instrument selector Not Supported Supported
Recurring billing support Supported Not Supported
Customer login Customer must log in once; subsequent payments will not require a login Customer must log in each time they choose to pay with PayPal
Currency and country support Supports all PayPal-supported currencies and countries Supports a limited number of currencies and countries
Fraud protection Must pass device data on non-recurring transactions created from the Vault Device data is automatically included with each transaction

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