Visa Checkout is currently in a limited release to eligible merchants, and the API is subject to change. It is only available for Android v2, iOS v4, and JavaScript v3.

Contact us at visacheckout-requests@braintreepayments.com to request access to the release.

Vaulting Visa Checkout

Your customer's Visa Checkout card selection can be saved to your Vault and reused for future transactions, just like a credit card:

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result = Braintree::PaymentMethod.create(
  :customer_id => "131866",
  :payment_method_nonce => nonce_from_the_client

You can also save the customer's Visa Checkout card to your Vault at the same time as your transaction by using Braintree::Transaction.sale() with options.store_in_vault or options.store_in_vault_on_success.

Creating transactions

Creating a Visa Checkout transaction is the same as creating any other transaction with a nonce:

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result = Braintree::Transaction.sale(
  :amount => "10.00",
  :payment_method_nonce => nonce_from_the_client,
  :options => {
    :submit_for_settlement => true

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