Visa Checkout is currently in a limited release to eligible merchants, and the API is subject to change. It is only available for Android v2, iOS v4, and JavaScript v3.

Contact our Accounts team to request access to the release.

Visa Checkout is a digital wallet from Visa that allows customers to use a single sign-in to make purchases on the web and iOS or Android mobile devices. Our Braintree SDKs enable you to accept Visa Checkout alongside other accepted payment methods.

This guide explains how to process Visa Checkout payments with Braintree. For more details on eligibility and availability, see our Visa Checkout support article.

Visa Checkout in the EU

3D Secure is required to process Visa Checkout transactions in countries located in the European Union. During the checkout process, the cardholder is prompted to complete 3D Secure authentication after the Visa Checkout UI closes.

If you are in the EU and don't already use 3D Secure, you must complete the Braintree 3D Secure integration.

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