Venmo payments are currently in a limited release and are only available to select merchants.

If our troubleshooting topics do not address your issue, please email pay-with-venmo@braintreepayments.com.

Sandbox testing

Sandbox behavior is limited to testing the app switch flow that generates and sends a nonce. Successful Sandbox tests will always return a nonce for a fake Venmo user named VenmoJoe. As a consequence:

  • Purchases made in sandbox will not be reflected in the Venmo app
  • Removing a connection from Venmo to a sandbox app will not cause future transactions with that customer's account to fail

Gateway rejections

In order to process a Venmo transaction in production, the Braintree gateway makes a request to a PayPal service for a transactable token that represents the Venmo account. If Braintree is unable to get that token, the gateway will reject the transaction with a reason of "token_issuance". If you receive this rejection, try the transaction request again.

For more info on gateway rejections in general, see the Gateway Rejections support article.

Using an old version of the Venmo app

Venmo payments are supported on iOS by Venmo app Version 6.16.0 and above.

Venmo has not been properly set up

Email pay-with-venmo@braintreepayments.com to ensure that Venmo is set up correctly.

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