Venmo payments are currently in a limited release and are only available to select merchants.

Vaulting the Venmo account

Your customer's Venmo account can be saved to your Vault and reused for future transactions, just like a credit card:

result = Braintree::PaymentMethod.create(
  :customer_id => "131866",
  :payment_method_nonce => nonce_from_the_client

You can also save the customer's Venmo account to your Vault at the same time as your transaction by using Braintree::Transaction.sale() with options.store_in_vault or options.store_in_vault_on_success.

Creating transactions

Creating a Venmo transaction is the same as creating any other transaction with a nonce. Be sure to pass the device data you collected on the client side when you create the transaction:

result = Braintree::Transaction.sale(
  :amount => "1000.00",
  :payment_method_nonce => nonce_from_the_client,
  :options => {
    :submit_for_settlement => true
  :device_data => params[:device_data]

Device data is only required when creating transactions. It is not necessary on other calls, such as customer or payment method creation.

Removing connections

Keep in mind that your Venmo customers can delete merchant connections from within the Venmo app at any time, causing future transactions with that customer's account to fail.

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