Venmo payments are currently in a limited release and are only available to select merchants with our iOS v4 SDK or Android v2 SDK in the US.

Venmo is a mobile purchasing experience for customers with supported iOS and Android devices. This guide explains how to process Venmo payments with Braintree. For more details on eligibility and availability, see our Venmo support article.

Limited release eligibility

The current release of Venmo's payment product for merchants is only available for certain business models. Use cases that are not yet supported include:

  • Selling goods or services in person
  • Selling only over the web/mobile web
  • Selling only within the Venmo app
  • Facilitating peer-to-peer transactions between two Venmo users
  • Non-profit donations

We'd love to hear from you if none of the above apply, and you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You process (or plan to process) transactions using a US business entity
  • You sell goods or services in your own native iOS or Android app
  • You use (or plan to use) our iOS v4 SDK or Android v2 SDK

If you're eligible to participate in the limited release, please see setup for details on how to request access.

If your use case is not yet supported, please check back for updates on a wider release!

Integration steps

Follow these steps to integrate Venmo in your app:

  1. Configure Venmo with Braintree
  2. Integrate on iOS or Android
  3. Integrate on your servers
  4. Test and go live

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