UnionPay is currently in a limited release to eligible merchants. It is not supported by the Drop-in UI in our JavaScript v3 SDK.

Contact us to request access to the release.

Test card numbers

When testing UnionPay in the sandbox environment, you can use any of the following cards to test your integration.

Test Value Card Type Description
6212345678901265 UnionPay Debit card
6212345678901232 UnionPay Credit card
6212345678900028 UnionPay Card that is not supported within Braintree.
6212345678900036 UnionPay Card that is not activated for use online.
6212345678900085 UnionPay Card that does not require SMS verification.
6212345678900093 UnionPay Card that does not support separate Transaction.submit_for_settlement() calls.
62123456789002 UnionPay Card with a 14 digit number.
621234567890003 UnionPay Card with a 15 digit number.
62123456789000003 UnionPay Card with a 17 digit number.
621234567890000002 UnionPay Card with a 18 digit number.
6212345678900000003 UnionPay Card with a 19 digit number.

Testing other error cases

You can trigger additional error cases by sending special values in certain fields when performing verification or enrollment API calls.

Field Test Value Description
smsCode 999999 Customer entered incorrect SMS code.
expirationYear Any year before 2010 Customer entered expired card.
expirationDate Any year before 2010 Customer entered expired card.