Samsung Pay is currently available to US merchants using our Android v3 SDK or Android v2 SDK.

Creating transactions

Like all Braintree SDK integrations, you will receive a payment method nonce when your user successfully authorizes payment. Pass this nonce to your server, and create a transaction:

result = gateway.transaction.sale({
    "amount": "10.00",
    "payment_method_nonce": nonce_from_the_client,
    "options": {
      "submit_for_settlement": True
    "billing": {
      "postal_code": postal_code_from_the_client
This code snippet now uses gateway instance methods instead of class-level methods. Learn more.

The amount you specify in your client-side payment request object should reflect the actual amount you authorize and submit for settlement; transactions will still process in cases where the amount changes during order fulfillment.

Vaulting Samsung Pay

Because each unique Samsung Pay transaction requires consent from the customer during the checkout flow, vaulting Samsung Pay payment methods for future transactions will result in declines and is not recommended. However, Samsung Pay can be used for recurring billing and split shipment transactions because the customer consents to future transactions during checkout.

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