Samsung Pay is currently available to US merchants using our Android v3 SDK or Android v2 SDK.

Creating transactions

Like all Braintree SDK integrations, you will receive a payment method nonce when your user successfully authorizes payment. Pass this nonce to your server, and create a transaction.

Collect device data from the client and include the deviceDataFromTheClient in the transaction.

var request = new TransactionRequest
    Amount = 10.00M,
    PaymentMethodNonce = nonceFromTheClient,
    DeviceData = deviceDataFromTheClient,
    Options = new TransactionOptionsRequest
      SubmitForSettlement = true
    BillingAddress = new AddressRequest
      PostalCode = postalCodeFromTheClient

Result<Transaction> result = gateway.Transaction.Sale(request);

The amount you specify in your client-side payment request object should reflect the actual amount you authorize and submit for settlement; transactions will still process in cases where the amount changes during order fulfillment.

Vaulting Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay cards can only be saved to your Vault for specific use cases; see the support article for details.

If your use case is supported, you can store a customer's Samsung Pay card in your Vault in a few different ways:

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