The Settlement Batch Summary displays the total sales and credits for each batch for a particular date. The transactions can be grouped by a single custom field's values.

result = gateway.settlement_batch_summary.generate("%Y-%m-%d"),

if result.is_success:
This code snippet now uses gateway instance methods instead of class-level methods. Learn more.


  1. The date on which the batches were settled.
  2. Optional The custom field you wish to aggregate the results by.

Records data structure

Below is an example of the data structure returned by records.

    "custom_field_1": "your_first_custom_value",
    "card_type": "Mastercard",
    "count": "24",
    "merchant_account_id": "your_merchant_account_id",
    "kind": "sale",
    "amount_settled": "1200.00"
    "custom_field_1":  "your_second_custom_value",
    "card_type": "Mastercard",
    "count": "42",
    "merchant_account_id": "your_merchant_account_id",
    "kind": "sale",
    "amount_settled": "1234.00"

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