Android v1 is deprecated. We recommend migrating to the latest version of our Android SDK. The best way to start is by making an incremental upgrade from v1 to v2.

Braintree offers a few options when accepting PayPal payments. Choose whether you would like to use our Drop-in UI or a custom integration. Learn more about differences between these integrations.

Vault vs. Checkout

When adding PayPal to your integration, you can choose between our Vault and Checkout flows. The Vault flow will save the payment method for later reference, and Checkout is for one-time payments when you do not want to save the payment method. Below is a comparison of the two options:

Vault Checkout
Compatibility iOS, Android, Web, and supported countries Not supported
PayPal One Touch™ iOS, Android, and Web Not supported
PayPal Credit Not supported Not supported
Shipping address selector Not supported Not supported
Funding instrument selector Not supported Not supported
Recurring billing Supported Not supported
Customer login Customers must log in once; subsequent payments will not require a login Not supported
Device data Must collect and submit device data on non-recurring transactions created from the Vault Not supported

If you are shipping physical goods, we recommend using Checkout with our Braintree Android SDK 2.0 to let your customers choose their shipping address. If you require recurring billing, or if you already manage your customers' shipping information, you can use the Vault flow.

PayPal One Touch

PayPal One Touch™ is a feature that improves the PayPal buying experience for customers and merchants alike. Available for both native mobile apps and on the web, customers paying via One Touch™ minimize the number of taps and times they are required to enter their user IDs and passwords for future purchases.

How it works

One Touch™ is automatically included when you integrate PayPal using our Android v1 SDK. When a customer chooses to pay with PayPal at checkout, we'll launch the PayPal app if it's installed on their device.

The first time a customer switches to the PayPal app, they will be prompted to log in (if they aren't logged in already) and asked to give consent so that you can initiate future payments on their behalf. When that customer purchases something from you in the future, they will bypass the login step and be sent through the One Touch™ app switch; from there, they will reconfirm the billing agreement and be automatically returned to your app via your return URL scheme.

If a customer does not have the PayPal app or if your app does not support One Touch™, they will go through the standard in-app login to authenticate with PayPal.

One Touch availability

As a standard feature, PayPal One Touch™ is available to eligible merchants in all countries that we support and to customers in 140+ countries.

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