The Payment Request API is available in beta with our JavaScript v3 SDK.

The Payment Request API is a W3C standard candidate that enables customers using supported browsers to provide payment information without filling out a checkout form. Instead, the customer clicks a button to initiate a payment request, which opens a window provided by the browser where they can select a saved payment method or enter a new one. See Google's documentation for some examples.

Braintree's Payment Request component can be used as an alternative (or in addition) to Hosted Fields. As with Hosted Fields, the credit card details are all securely captured and tokenized within a Braintree iframe, so the raw credit card details are never exposed on your website – keeping your PCI compliance scope to a minimum.

Supported browsers and payment methods

Depending on the customer's browser, you can accept the following payment methods via Braintree's Payment Request API implementation:

Browser Payment Method
Desktop Chrome v61+ Credit cards
Android Chrome v61+ Credit cards, Pay with Google

If you would like to accept Pay with Google but do not want to use the Payment Request API for regular credit card payments, you can add a standalone Pay with Google button to your checkout page by following our Pay with Google guide.

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