Masterpass is currently in a limited release to merchants located in the US and Canada, and the API is subject to change. It is only available with our JavaScript v3 SDK.

Contact us to request access to the release.

Creating transactions

Creating a Masterpass transaction is the same as creating any other transaction with a nonce.

Collect device data from the client and include the device_data_from_the_client in the transaction.

result = gateway.transaction.sale(
  :amount => "10.00",
  :payment_method_nonce => nonce_from_the_client,
  :device_data => device_data_from_the_client,
  :options => {
    :submit_for_settlement => true

if result.success?
  # See result.transaction for details
  # Handle errors
This code snippet now uses gateway instance methods instead of class-level methods. Learn more.

Vaulting Masterpass


Vaulting can only be used to support recurring transactions. You will need to obtain approval from Masterpass in order to do so. Contact us to start the approval process.

Once you have been approved for recurring transactions, your customer's Masterpass card selection can be saved to your Vault and used for recurring transactions. If you attempt to vault a Masterpass card without first going through the approval process, you will get a validation error: "Nonce is not vaultable."

result = gateway.payment_method.create(
  :customer_id => "131866",
  :payment_method_nonce => nonce_from_the_client
This code snippet now uses gateway instance methods instead of class-level methods. Learn more.

You can also save the customer's Masterpass card to your Vault at the same time as your transaction by using Transaction.sale() with options.store_in_vault or options.store_in_vault_on_success. You can create a recurring transaction by using Transaction.sale() with recurring.

It is important to note that Masterpass does not support split shipments or one-off transactions with vaulted payment information. If you attempt to create a non-recurring transaction from a vaulted Masterpass card, you'll receive a validation error: "Vaulted cards from this payment method can only be used for recurring transactions."

Card verification

Card verification in the gateway is not supported with Masterpass. Masterpass automatically verifies a card when the customer adds it to their wallet.

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