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At any point the grantor can choose to revoke a granted payment method using PaymentMethod.revoke(). When the grantor revokes a grant, we delete the version of the payment method from the recipient's Vault.

Recipient experience

  • If the recipient attempts to use a granted payment method that you have revoked, they will get the error "Payment method token is invalid" with an HTTP status code of 422. This is consistent with the error a merchant would get if they attempted to use an unknown payment method token.
  • If the recipient has any outstanding transactions in progress on the revoked payment method, those will be processed normally, but they will not be able to initiate new transactions.
  • If the grantor revokes the grant before the recipient uses the payment method nonce, the nonce will be invalidated.
  • If the recipient has webhooks configured, they'll receive a notification that a granted payment method has been revoked from them.

Grantor experience

  • Revoking a granted payment method only deletes that specific payment method from a recipient's Vault.
  • Any other payment methods that the grantor has shared with that recipient will remain active.
  • Any other grants of the same payment method in the grantor's Vault to other merchants will also remain active unless they are revoked separately or during a payment method delete call.

Revoking grants when deleting a payment method

When the grantor deletes a payment method from their Vault, they can simultaneously revoke all grants of that payment method to other merchants. To do this, set revoke_all_grants to true on the PaymentMethod.delete() call.

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