Google Pay is currently available with our latest Android and JavaScript SDKs.

Creating transactions

Include the Google Pay nonce in the Transaction.sale() call on your server:

result = gateway.transaction.sale(
  :amount => "10.00",
  :payment_method_nonce => nonce_from_the_client,
  :options => {
    :submit_for_settlement => true
  :billing => {
    :postal_code => postal_code_from_the_client
This code snippet now uses gateway instance methods instead of class-level methods. Learn more.

Google Pay cards are represented as Android Pay cards in our API to prevent breaking changes. For example, the response from a PaymentMethod.create() call will include the AndroidPayCard response object.

Vaulting Google Pay

Because each unique Google Pay transaction requires consent from the customer during the checkout flow, vaulting Google Pay payment methods for future transactions will result in declines and is not recommended. However, Google Pay can be used for recurring billing and split shipment transactions because the customer consents to future transactions during checkout.

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