We're building functions with the same proven expertise and rock solid foundations you expect from Braintree. Take a look at our documentation preview to get a jump start on what you'll make with functions.

Email functions-requests@braintreepayments.com to learn more.

By default, deployments of functions are private. In order to share your function with other users you must package and publish to Braintree's function ecosystem.

Package Your Function

To package your function, define a few more pieces of metadata within you function's configuration.

Use our CLI to go through an interactive prompt to set the metadata about your package.

$ btfns package .
> Name: MyPublicFunction
> Developer Website: https://yourwebsite.com
> Support E-mail: support@yourwebsite.com
> Description: My function.
> Logo: /path/to/logo.png

Publish to Braintree

$ btfns publish . -v 1.0.0
Publishing MyPublicFunction @ 1.0.0 to https://btfns.co
> Success .... https://btfns.co/user/MyPublicFunction

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