We're building functions with the same proven expertise and rock solid foundations you expect from Braintree. Take a look at our documentation preview to get a jump start on what you'll make with functions.

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Functions opens the Braintree API to execute code that you provide. The code could execute payment authorizations for payment methods we don't natively accept, send transactions to your accounting systems, get a fraud score from a vendor you use, or some custom workflow unique to you.

How Functions Works

We've defined triggers within the Braintree ecosystem that can execute code you've uploaded to the Braintree platform. The code you provide is responsible for interacting with partners and vendors your business works with. In some cases you'll need to map the response from a vendor to Braintree.


Fraud Services

Use functions to run all your payments through a fraud service.


Custom Payments

Use functions to initiate complex workflows with third-parties such as Twilio to take payment information over the phone.

Works with your existing integration

With functions, you can take advantage of your existing Braintree integration.

Next Steps

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  2. Accept a New Payment Method
  3. Act on a Fraud Score From a Vendor
  4. Stream Data to Another System
  5. Import Data
  6. Advanced Topics
  7. Packaging and Publishing

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