In order to use the Drop-in UI, you'll first need to get a tokenization key from the Control Panel or generate a client token on your server.



Gradle is the preferred build system for working with the Braintree Android SDK.

In your app-level build.gradle, add the following:

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.braintreepayments.api:drop-in:4.6.0'

Client-side implementation

Starting Drop-in

If you're going to launch the Drop-in UI from a button, and you've set the button's onClick handler in XML via android:onClick="onBraintreeSubmit", add the method as:

public void onBraintreeSubmit(View v) {
  DropInRequest dropInRequest = new DropInRequest()
  startActivityForResult(dropInRequest.getIntent(this), REQUEST_CODE);

When your user provides payment information, your app receives a paymentMethodNonce in your calling AppCompatActivity#onActivityResult , which you will override to get the response or any possible errors:

protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {
  if (requestCode == REQUEST_CODE) {
    if (resultCode == RESULT_OK) {
      DropInResult result = data.getParcelableExtra(DropInResult.EXTRA_DROP_IN_RESULT);
      // use the result to update your UI and send the payment method nonce to your server
    } else if (resultCode == RESULT_CANCELED) {
      // the user canceled
    } else {
      // handle errors here, an exception may be available in
      Exception error = (Exception) data.getSerializableExtra(DropInActivity.EXTRA_ERROR);

Configuring payment methods

Additional steps are required for the Drop-in UI to accept payment methods other than cards. After completing the Drop-in setup instructions, follow the steps below for each payment method type.


In order for your Drop-in to support PayPal payments, you must allow for PayPal's browser switch by adding an intent filter to your AndroidManifest.xml.

Google Pay

In order for your Drop-in to support Google Pay, you must ensure you've added the required meta-data tag in your AndroidManifest.xml. Then, construct a GooglePaymentRequest object and pass it to your DropInRequest object.

private void enableGooglePay(DropInRequest dropInRequest) {
    GooglePaymentRequest googlePaymentRequest = new GooglePaymentRequest()
      // We recommend collecting and passing billing address information
      // with all Google Pay transactions as a best practice.
      // Optional in sandbox; if set in sandbox, this value must be
      // a valid production Google Merchant ID.


If using a client token with a customer id, the Google Pay card will not automatically be vaulted. You can use the payment method nonce to create a payment method on your server.


To support Venmo payments in the Drop-in UI, make sure to follow the browser switch setup instructions in the Client SDK Setup and complete the full Venmo integrations.

3D Secure

Drop-in supports 3D Secure 2 verification. To use 3D Secure in your integration, make sure browser switch is set up and then follow our implementation guide. Once you have added 3D Secure to Drop-in, you will need to complete the server-side implementation for 3D Secure.

Displaying the last used payment method

If your user already has an existing payment method, you may not need to show Drop-in. You can check if they have an existing payment method using DropInResult#fetchDropInResult. A payment method will only be returned when using a client token created with a customer_id.

DropInResult.fetchDropInResult(appCompatActivity, clientToken, new DropInResult.DropInResultListener() {
    public void onError(Exception exception) {
        // an error occurred

    public void onResult(DropInResult result) {
        if (result.getPaymentMethodType() != null) {
            // use the icon and name to show in your UI
            int icon = result.getPaymentMethodType().getDrawable();
            int name = result.getPaymentMethodType().getLocalizedName();

            PaymentMethodType paymentMethodType = result.getPaymentMethodType();
            if (paymentMethodType == PaymentMethodType.GOOGLE_PAYMENT) {
                // The last payment method the user used was Google Pay.
                // The Google Pay flow will need to be performed by the
                // user again at the time of checkout.
            } else {
                // Use the payment method show in your UI and charge the user
                // at the time of checkout.
                PaymentMethodNonce paymentMethod = result.getPaymentMethodNonce();
        } else {
            // there was no existing payment method

Next steps

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