Our Drop-in UI is a complete, ready-made payment UI that offers a quick and easy way to securely accept payments. The UI includes a card entry form and, if enabled, Apple Pay and PayPal buttons. When a user successfully completes the UI, your client code obtains a payment method nonce for use on your server.


A correctly configured Drop-in UI integration with PayPal enabled is shown below. Test it out with one of our test card numbers (e.g. 4111111111111111) or a sandbox PayPal account.


To see an end-to-end implementation using the Drop-in UI, take a look at our example integrations.

Key features

The Drop-in UI is the quickest way to start accepting payments. Below is a list of features:

If the Drop-in UI doesn't fit your needs, explore our Hosted Fields solution which provides greater flexibility to customize your mobile or desktop web checkout without any extra PCI burden.

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