Android v1 is deprecated. We recommend migrating to the latest version of our Android SDK. The best way to start is by making an incremental upgrade from v1 to v2.

Display a saved payment method

If you pass a customer_id when generating a client token, Drop-in will display that customer's saved payment methods and automatically add any newly-entered payment methods to their Vault record.

Advanced Fraud Tools

To use Advanced Fraud Tools for your Drop-in form, you'll need to complete these 3 steps at the same time:

  1. Enable Advanced Fraud Tools in the Control Panel
  2. Update your client-side integration to collect device data
  3. Update your server-side integration to pass device data on transaction and verification requests

If there is any delay between enabling in the Control Panel and making the code changes, the integration will not work properly. See the Advanced Fraud Tools guide for more details.


If you choose to automatically vault a customer's new payment method, verifications for those payment methods will not include device data when they are evaluated by Kount. Subsequent transactions can still pass device data.

Customize your UI

There are a number of optional ways you can customize the Drop-in UI.

Customization customization = new Customization.CustomizationBuilder()
  .secondaryDescription("3 Items")

intent.putExtra(BraintreePaymentActivity.EXTRA_CUSTOMIZATION, customization);

Primary description

Primary text to display in the summary view. Intended to name the overall transaction taking place (e.g. "1 Yellow T-Shirt" or "1 Year Subscription"). Required to display the summary view.

Secondary description

Detail text to display in the summary view. Intended to provide a few words of detail (e.g. "Ships in five days" or "We know you'll love it"). Optional.


A string representation of the grand total amount. Optional.

Submit button text

The text to display in the primary call-to-action button. For example, "Purchase" or "Subscribe Now". If an amount is included, it will be appended to this text (e.g. "Purchase - $35" or "Subscribe Now - $35").


Drop-in will automatically inherit your app's theme for the Action Bar and TextViews.