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As part of the sub-merchant onboarding process for Braintree Marketplace, you can confirm the creation of a merchant account as either approved or declined via a webhook. The webhook is triggered after the sub-merchant's information has been verified with several third-party services.

Webhooks allow Braintree to push messages to your servers when you configure a webhook endpoint URL. If you are not using webhooks already, you will need to follow the webhooks guide to get started.


The $btSignature and $btPayload variables in the code snippets below represent parameters received from the webhook POST request. For more information, read the documentation on parsing webhooks.

Sub-merchant approved

Once you have webhooks configured, you can listen for a SubMerchantAccountApproved webhook that looks like this:

$notification = $gateway->webhookNotification()->parse(
$notification->kind == Braintree\WebhookNotification::SUB_MERCHANT_ACCOUNT_APPROVED;
// true
// "active"
// "blue_ladders_store"
// "14ladders_marketplace"
// "active"
This code snippet now uses PHP standard PSR-4 namespacing to load modules. Learn more.

Once you've confirmed that the new sub-merchant has been successfully onboarded, you can start to run transactions on their account.

Sub-merchant declined

You can also listen for a SubMerchantAccountDeclined webhook that looks like this:

$notification = $gateway->webhookNotification()->parse(
$notification->kind == Braintree\WebhookNotification::SUB_MERCHANT_ACCOUNT_DECLINED;
// true
// "Credit score is too low"
// Braintree\Error\ValidationErrorCollection Object ( . . . )
This code snippet now uses PHP standard PSR-4 namespacing to load modules. Learn more.

If it is Declined, the webhook will contain validation errors indicating why the sub-merchant was declined. There are several reasons this can occur:

  • Failed OFAC
  • Failed Mastercard MATCH
  • Failed KYC
  • SSN invalid
  • SSN matches deceased person

See merchant account validations for specific errors.

In this case, we'll need to gather more information about the sub-merchant in order to approve them. Please contact our Customer Success team with the sub-merchant's first and last name and we’ll be happy to assist.

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