To finish your configuration, you will only need to complete the iCloud account and Braintree setup steps below.

iCloud account setup

When testing, you will need to be logged into an iCloud account that corresponds to your environment. Your test device will need to be logged into an iTunes Connect sandbox tester account when testing in sandbox. Similarly, you will need to be logged into a production iCloud account when testing in production.

Braintree setup

Register your sandbox and production domain names in the Braintree Control Panel (in sandbox and production, respectively):

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Processing > Accept Apple Pay
  3. Click Edit
  4. Under Web Domains, click Add and enter your fully qualified domain name
    • If your domain begins with www., you may omit it (e.g. will work with and
  5. When registering a domain in production, download this domain association file and host it at /.well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association on your site
    • Domain verification is only necessary in production, not in sandbox

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