Google is no longer accepting new Android Pay integrations. Instead, you can integrate Google's latest payment product, Google Pay, which is now available with our latest Android and JavaScript SDKs.

If you have an existing Android Pay integration, it will continue to be supported but we recommend migrating as soon as possible. Please check out our guide for migrating to Google Pay.

If you have started but not completed an Android Pay integration, or if you have any questions, contact our Support team.

In order to test the entire user flow on an Android device, the Android Pay app must be present and have at least one card entered. In the sandbox, Android Pay will return valid testing nonces that point to a virtual account number; the card from the Android Pay app will not be charged. You can simulate server behaviors by using test amounts on your transactions and test nonces. Transactions will show in the Braintree gateway as Android Pay transactions immediately upon completion.

Go live

After you've tested your integration you'll need to enable Android Pay in your production account via the Control Panel. If you haven't done so already, here's how:

  1. Log into your Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Processing > Android Pay
  3. Click the toggle to enable this payment method

Then you'll need to follow Google's documentation for gaining access to the Android Pay production environment and submitting your app for review.

If you already have Android Pay activated in your Control Panel, but need to get this payment method enabled for a particular merchant account, contact our Support team.

Still have questions?

If you can’t find an answer, contact our Support team