Existing Android Pay integrations will continue to be supported, but for the best experience we recommend migrating to Pay with Google as soon as possible.

Pay with Google is an expansion of the existing Android Pay functionality. When comparing Pay with Google to Android Pay, it maintains all of the existing Android Pay capabilities but adds two major enhancements for ecommerce payments:

  • Support for mobile web in Chrome for Android
  • Access to Google's card vault

This guide explains how you can migrate your existing Android Pay integration to Pay with Google.

What is changing

The biggest change to your existing integration will be on the client side. Pay with Google uses the Google Payment API and is different from the older Android Pay API. You can view the changes necessary to migrate your Android app by looking at our client-side documentation.

What is staying the same

  • There are no changes necessary to your existing server-side integration
  • If your app is already accepting Android Pay in production, you're already enabled for Pay with Google as soon as you update your code
  • Your customers will continue to be able to select cards stored in Android Pay when transacting via Pay with Google

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