The integration method outlined below is deprecated. Learn more about upgrading to the Braintree SDKs.


There are a couple of ways to use the Windows Phone client encryption library.

Windows Phone class library

To import the Windows Phone class library, follow the following steps.

  1. Clone the source code from Github.
  2. Import the Braintree Windows Phone class library into your solution.
  3. Add the library as a project dependency and make sure to reference the library.

Source code

github | tgz | zip

Integration examples

github | tgz | zip


If you run into a bug, contact us or create an issue on the GitHub issue tracker.

Quick start example

using System;
using BraintreeEncryption.Library;

namespace BraintreeExample
    class Program
            static void Main(string[] args)
                var braintree = new Braintree("your-client-side-encryption-key");
                var encryptedCreditCardNumber = braintree.Encrypt("4111111111111111");
                var encryptedCvv = braintree.Encrypt("111");
                var encryptedExpirationDate = braintree.Encrypt("01/2014");